Ipana Toothpaste 104 Sturt Street

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Look up and you can see a curious little sign for Ipana toothpaste which has somehow survived unscathed over time.

Ipana was a popular toothpaste produced by the American Bristol-Myers Company from 1901 until the 1970s when its sales declined because of competition from other brands like Colgate.

Bristol-Myers developed some innovative marketing ideas for the toothpaste over the decades, capitalising early on opportunities that new technologies in mass media presented. They were one of the first companies to sponsor radio broadcasts - with the 1923 radio program The Ipana Troubadors.

With the rise of television in the 1950's, Ipana created Bucky Beaver as the marketing icon for the brand with his slogan "Brusha..Brusha...Brusha". The Bucky Beaver ads were famously referenced in the 1978 movie Grease when the character Jan sang the brand's jingle .

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