S.Flohm Sign Writer 20 Mair St

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The Flohm family, prominent members of Ballarat's Jewish community, once ran their clothing shop out of the Bones Building. One of the sons, Sol Flohm, ran a signwriting business and the promotion for his business can still be seen on the back of the building in front of you. Sol was the scene painter for Her Majesty's Theatre during the 1930s, and described himself as a Novelty Sign Writer, Advertising Contractor, Decorative Artist, Scene and Banner Painter. In 1915 he was involved with creating a 'handsome' Honour Board for the Sebastopol Council, said to be greatly admired by the ratepayers. It seems he was multi-skilled like many of the people featured on this trail and was involved in various arts and societies. He was awarded the First Prize medal at the Bendigo Exhibition, and as a member of the Ballarat Jewish Literary and Debating Society (initiated in 1908) performed as part of a musical and elocutionary program in the schoolroom adjacent to the Ballarat Synagogue.

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