McAlpin's 105 Lydiard St Nth

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"McAlpin's Malto -Pepsin Self Raising Flour, there's no other. Prove it against any other flour you like" - Sunshine Advocate Saturday 13 October 1928.

McAlpin's was a major Victorian flour company in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Owned and operated by J. McAlpin and Sons, the company sold its flour products across Australia and overseas.

McAlpin's had a canny marketing campaign which was focussed heavily on the housewives of Australia. One innovation was the publishing of a free cookbook which had recipes in it that used McAlpin's products. These free cookbooks were published successively from the 1930s through to the 1960s in Australia.

Food manufacturing was a huge part of Ballarat's history. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Ballarat was home to manufacture of almost every kind of food product you could think of from, George Farmer's Hams and Bacons, Andrew Austin and Co's Jams, J.W. Malin and Sons Tomato Sauce and the well known John Long's Sunshine Biscuits.

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