A frosty tradition Sturt and Doveton St Nth Intersection

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Throughout Ballarat's history it has been known to get a bit chilly from time to time...

Although not a seasonal happening, it may or may not surprise you to know that Ballarat gets cold enough for snow to fall - sometimes during winter, sometimes during a cold snap as late as November - turning Sturt Street into a picturesque landscape resembling perhaps something a bit more European in nature. (Of course if it's snowing and you are on Sturt Street a person will probably walk past you in either shorts or t-shirt to remind you that you are in Ballarat...) It snowed here on Christmas Eve, 1901, and in the past few years it has snowed once or twice per year in the colder months - but never quite as heavy as it appears in photos from the 1800s and 1900s. Chances are it will snow here again - if you capture photo of a snowfall in Ballarat please feel free to share it with everyone at #ballaratrevealed


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